The  Love, Mom Letter Project

healing the mother wound

what have you always longed to hear your mother say?

I love you...

I'm so proud of you...

I'm so sorry...

I'll never forget...

You're doing such a good job...

I love everything about you...

No mother, no matter how good,

can provide for every need of her children. 

Life is complex, and we may grow up with places that ache

for words of encouragement,  support, respect, regret,

understanding and acknowledgment.

Your mother may never be able to say the wordss,

but your heart deserves to hear them.

Hello and welcome to the Love, Mom Letter Project.

I believe we all want to heal,

to find and remove the barriers to love

that may be keeping us from feeling

deeply connected with ourselves and others.

I invite you to write yourself the letter

from you mother that you've always wanted to receive,

as a step towards healing the mother wound.

Write the words.

Write yourself the letter you most deeply

long to hear from your mother.

Send it to us.

We'll read it, record it, and send it to you.

You will receive the letter from your mother

that you've waited for, 

in just the words you need to hear.

Or maybe you are the mom.

The one with words unsaid that 

you've wanted to say, but just can't.

What is it that you long to tell your child?

Write that letter.

Send it to us, and we'll record it and post it here.

You will have sent the words out, 

and begun the work of healing.

There is healing to be had for us all.

The letter you need to write

could reach the heart of someone else,

and give balm they never knew they needed.

Let's collectively heal ourselves and each other.

Letter by letter.

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